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Below are some products we recommend and use on a regular basis. 
Note: Some of these may contain affiliate links but all recommendations are our own and are not sponsored.

Sophie Safe Cooking


A collection of easy, family-friendly recipes free of the top 8 allergens. Still one of our go-tos!

Allergy Free Recipes

by Cybele Pascale

These amazing recipes have served us well - even our non-allergic friends love the food!

Travel Size Wipes


A must-have for going out. We've found these to work better than others in removing allergens from surfaces.

Table Toppers

Disposable Placemats

These are great when your family is dining out. We thoroughly clean and lay these out so kids have a clean surface.

Single Dose Vials

CVS brand

This generic brand of Benadryl has been great for on the go. Already measured out, and no leakage.

Epipen Carry Case


Easy way to carry your epi-pens that keeps them insulated. Space for meds and inhalers as well.

Insulated Food Jar

Thermos Foogo

These keep food hot or cold, and are great for making sure you always have safe food on hand when you are out.

Silverware Set

Sugar Booger

Ensure your child's eating utensils are always clean, with this quality silverware set that comes in its own carrying case.

Natural Travel Wipes


Great for an extra wipe off of surfaces (after using Clorox wipes) or for cleaning little hands.

Allergy Button


These are great to have your child wear, particularly in situations where caregivers may be watching many kids

General Button


Another button option that's more general (I like having this because I can pop it on either child I have)

Medical ID Bracelets

Sticky J

Helpful for you or your child to wear, in case of emergencies where you aren't able to communicate

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